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                    A Walk Through Survey refers to the process where internal staff or external personnel inspect the workplace with the primary aim of collecting detailed information about the workers’ health and the hazards present in the production process. This ensures accurate and comprehensive health care for the workers, benefiting both employers and employees, while also ensuring the safety of the surveyors.

                    Conducting a walk-through survey is a crucial tool for occupational health physicians to gather data on workers’ exposure to hazards within the workplace. By being present in the actual working environment, physicians gain a better understanding of the situation compared to simply relying on information provided by workers or employers.

Objectives of a Walk Through Survey
  • To assess the risk of exposure to hazards in various departments of the workplace.
  • To plan health check-ups for workers. After identifying hazards and assessing risks in each department, physicians use this information to plan health check-ups for workers. This can be used to plan annual health check-ups, health check-ups based on occupational risk factors, and pre-employment health check-ups.
  • To evaluate quality standards if the workplace has established quality standards.
  • To conduct surveys when the factory installs new machinery or changes production processes, which may alter the health risks for workers.
  • To assess the return to work for workers who have been ill or injured. This includes workers who have suffered severe illnesses or lost limbs and have undergone rehabilitation to return to work.
  • To investigate or examine incidents in cases of work-related injuries or illnesses, or in response to complaints regarding employee health care.